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Welcome to the 2nd Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Interaction


~ Powerpoint presentations, conference programme, abstracts and participants ~


After its initial successes in Aalborg, Denmark, in November 2010, NORDISCO is emerging as a biennial event, whose goal is to create a Nordic and Baltic forum bringing together researchers and doctoral students who are investigating discourse and interaction from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. It is now our pleasure at Linköping University, Sweden, to host NORDISCO 2012, in the hope that the second Nordic and Baltic interdisciplinary conference will give rise to creative synergies and facilitate new networks, crossing both geographical and disciplinary borders.

The focus of the conference is on the organisation, structure and constitution of text, discourse, talk and social interaction. We therefore welcome researchers’ contributions from different and diverse fields of enquiry, including – but not limited to – discourse studies, conversation analysis, discursive psychology, critical discourse analysis, interaction analysis, rhetoric, narrative analysis, discourse theory, political discourse analysis, social semiotics, multimodal discourse analysis, applied linguistics, gesture studies and communication activism, as well as approaches to discourse and interaction to be found in sociology, political science, environmental science, economics, media studies and cultural studies.

The conference will consist of parallel paper sessions and three* plenary presentations by leading researchers representing different domains of study. We are happy to be able to confirm plenaries by Anssi Peräkylä (Helsinki), Inger Lassen (Aalborg), and Jan Anward (Linköping). As a special pre-conference event in the morning before the official conference, there will also be three workshops, organised by our plenary speakers.

*Note that because of serious family health problems, Elizabeth Lanza, our fourth plenary speaker from Oslo University has had to cancel at short notice.


We hope to see you all in Linköping!

The NORDISCO 2012 organising committee

Alia Amir
Mathias Broth
Eva Carlestål
Asta Cekaite
Agnese Grisle
Leelo Keevallik
Nigel Musk
Charlotta Plejert

Nordisco 2012 Sponsors

Nordisco 2012 Sponsors

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