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Since 1987 Nordic and Baltic academic choirs have assembled every third year to a festival called NSSS. The first meeting in modern times was arranged by the student choirs in Linköping, Sweden. It was called Nordiska Studentsångarmötet and was an effort to revive the events from the 19th century when choirs from the old universities crossed through Scandinavia by train or boat to sing with and for each other.

The first gatherings focused on social and pedagogical events. From 1996, when in Copenhagen 1400 singers performed Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and in Tallinn Beethoven's 9th symphony the festivals have turned more to public events. In Lapeenranta the singers performed two premièrs; Leif Segerstam's Symphony 111 and Marcus Fagerudd's Das Lied des Wassers under the direction of Leif Segerstam.

In Stavanger in 2008 again, the joint choirs performed Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and in Linköping 2011 the Gala Concert programme focused on a cappella music for male, female, and mixed choirs. Two opera choruses from Carmen and Aida were performed with symphony orchestra.




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