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Current collaborations and networks 


  • Team Talk: Decision-Making Across Boundaries in Health and Social Care Professions (with S. Sarangi, Cardiff, C. Lundgren, Linköping, G. Thomassen, Trondheim, and others)
  • Grammar and semantics of conversational language (J. Lindström, Helsinki, C. Wide, Turku, J. Anward, Linköping, N. Norén, Uppsala, K. Norén, Karlstad, P. Auer, Freiburg, S. Günthner, Münster, A. Deppermann, Mannheim, and others)
  • Learning, memory, interaction and technology (R. Säljö, Göteborg, A-C. Evaldsson, Uppsala, A. Cekaite, Linköping, N. Musk, Linköping, M. Broth, Linköping)
  • Theory of dialogue, trust and distrust in discourse (I. Marková, Stirling and Paris, A. Gillespie, Cambridge, G. Hoskings, London, and others)
  • Cognitive dynamics (S. Cowley, Cambridge, A. Kravchenko, Irkutsk, and others)

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