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Last updated 2013-04-22.

This bibliography is organised in ten sections. The first six sections comprise texts that are authored or co-authored by me and that have been properly published (in most cases in peer-reviewed publications). These items have received numbers in my bibliography with one numbered list of chronologically ordered items (n = 154). Section VII consists of books and journal issues edited by me (and colleagues) (n = 9). The following sections are working papers (in-house publications) (n = 30), and texts in press (n = 10) or in finalising stages (n = 3).

N (grand total) = 206 (as of April, 2013).

Items are listed in an approximate chronological order under each heading, with the most recent items at the end. The lists comprise both English and Swedish titles (plus one title in French, two in Russian and one in Spanish).

Only some titles are available in digital form. These titles are listed in a separate list on the website, “Downloads”. For all other papers, please write me for a paper copy: per.linell@liu.se

I: Peer-reviewed journal articles (n = 38)

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II: Books (n = 14)

Books published by international publishers have been peer-reviewed by international experts (these are marked by asterisks)

1. Linell, P., B. Svensson & S. Öhman. 1971. Ljudstruktur. Lund: Gleerups.

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III: Book chapters in peer-reviewed collections (n= 42)

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IV: Other papers, including published (and revised) conference presentations (n= 44)

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X: Manuscripts (n = 3)

These are manuscripts available in next-to-final versions, but not yet submitted for publication:

M1. Linell, P. 2013a. Spontaneous Mishearings: Pragmatics and Situations First, Language and Linguistic Analysis Afterwards. Ms.

M2. Linell, P. 2013b. A Dialogical Note-Book: Afterthoughts after Rethinking. Ms: Department of Education, Communication and Learning, Göteborg University.

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