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Welcome to French!

Studying French with us entails the learning of three different aspects of the subject:

1. Language proficiency - spoken and written competence including
linguistic accuracy

2. Knowledge about the language - study of the linguistic description of the
grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and syntax of the French language, its
origin and development and its present-day variants such as text types, style
types, professional language etc.

3. Knowledge of culture and society - study of the French-speaking countries'
culture, literature, geography, history, society and politics.

All these three "legs" on which the education stands are of equal importance.

French can be studied as a major subject for the Bachelor's (kandidat) or the Master's (magister) degree. Instruction is given in single subject courses, teacher education, the International Business programme and in programmes in the Institute of Technology. Beginners' courses are also offered in French. Research is possible within the Graduate School in Language and Culture in Europe.

The single subject courses are staggered , i.e. French A and C can only be studied during the autumn term, French  B and D during the spring term. All are full-time courses.


For more information, please contact:

Julien Renard
(Head of French)
+46 13 28 19 83


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