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Please download the appropriate template below:





Please observe that while the conference as a whole will be in Swedish (talks etc), the papers should be in English and follow the typographical conventions specified in the template.

The papers should be submitted to fonetik2013@ikk.liu.se no later than Monday 6 May 2013.


Please name the papers according to the following examples:

surnamn_(surnamn)_(1)_fonetik2013.pdf (and .doc(x))

surnamn_(surnamn)_(2)_fonetik2013.pdf (and .doc(x))

The numbers are used to differentiate between multiple papers from the same author(s).


Nota bene! The papers should be submitted both as pdf-files (indicating how the author(s) envision their paper(s)) and as doc(x)-files (for final editing/consistency).


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