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Conference proceedings

The conference proceedings can be downloaded here (13.7 MB).


Individual contributions

The individual contributions – in alphabetical order, and with bibliographical information added at the end of each paper – can be downloaded below.


Simon Alexanderson, David House & Jonas Beskow

Extracting and analysing co-speech head gestures from motion-capture data



Antonis Botinis, Anthi Chaida & Marianna Georgouli

Alternative questions and sentence intonation in Greek



Anthi Chaida , Olga Nikolaenkova & Antonis Botinis

Perception of focus and word order variability in Greek



Jens Edlund, Samer Al Moubayed, Christina Tånnander & Joakim Gustafson

Audience response system based annotation of speech



Isabelle Edström, Lisa Gustavsson, Petter Kallionen, Marie Markelius, Andrea Strandberg, Nina Strömberg & Katarina Svensson

Does production facilitate discrimination? An infant mismatch negativity study



Robert Eklund, Anita McAllister & Fanny Pehrson

An acoustic comparison of voice characteristics in ‘kulning’, head and modal registers



Robert Eklund & Gustav Peters

A comparative acoustic analysis of purring in juvenile, subadult and adult cheetahs



Anne M. Frank & Wim A. van Dommelen

Vocal development in two young cochlear implant users: Preliminary results



Guohua Hu

Possible explanation of Chinese misidentified tones



Emanuel Karlsson

Acoustic data on variation in the Swedish postalveolar sibilant across boundaries



Charlotte Larsen & John Tøndering

Visual speaker gender affects vowel identification in Danish



Inger Lundeborg, Theodor Ricklefs & Lovisa Tunedal

Perceptual evaluations of children with language impairment and deviant Voice Onset Time



Johannes Mortensen & John Tøndering

The effect of vowel height on Voice Onset Time in stop consonants in CV sequences in spontaneous Danish



Sara Myrberg

Focus type effects on focal accents and boundary tones



Kristina Nilsson Björkenstam, Mats Wirén & Robert Eklund

Disfluency in child-directed speech



Elina Nirgianaki, Antonis Botinis & Marios Fourakis

Perception of fricative voice distinctions in Greek



Susanne Schötz

A phonetic pilot study of chirp, chatter, tweet and tweedle in three domestic cats



Susanne Schötz, Johan Frid, Lars Gustafsson & Anders Löfqvist

Functional data analysis of tongue articulation in Gothenburg and Malmöhus Swedish /iː, y:, ʉ:/



Michaël Stenberg

Interviewing Swedes about phonetic transcriptions



Malin Svensson

Constant tonal alignment in Swedish word accent II



Bosse Thorén

Relative durations of post-vocalic consonants in read-aloud Spanish by native Swedish L2-learners



Mechtild Tronnier & Elisabeth Zetterholm

Observed pronunciation features in Swedish L2 produced by L1-speakers of Albanian






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