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A medium is a medium is a medium, September 18-19 2015

The new Nordic network “Sensorium: Aesthetic Media AnArchaeology” is organizing an introducing conference, where participants get the opportunity to present their research and be supervised by two invited key note speakers.

The network has been created to gather doctoral students at Nordic Universities doing research on questions concerning aesthetics, technology and materiality.

This interdisciplinary research demands a forum that crosses institutionally and disciplinary boundaries. With Sensorium – which of there is no kind in the Nordic countries – we try to establish an environment where doctoral students in this vital and growing field can meet, exchange ideas and cooperate.

Key note speakers:

Liv Hausken, professor, Department of Media and Communication at University of Oslo.

Otto Fischer, professor, Department of Literature at University of Uppsala.

The day before the conference there will be held a one-day symposium, organized by the newly established media archaeological lab, a cooperation between University of Linköping and the Data Museum in Linköping. This symposium, where a number of guests (artists and researchers) will present their projects in relation to the media archaeological field, is thought of as a reference point for the conference to follow.

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