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Single-Subject Courses

We post information about the course in the university’s web-based learning platform, Lisam, e.g. the reading list, the course guide and the timetable. After you have been accepted (antagen) on the course, you should receive direct access shortly before the beginning of term. However, to gain access you must have a LiU ID. If you don’t already have this, you need to create a temporary ID (see step 1 in the checklist available here: in English or in Swedish).

About a fortnight to a month before the beginning of term you will be able to access your timetable via TimeEdit, by entering your course code.

As soon as we have updated the reading list and the course guide you will be also able to access them via the links below (under the tab “Övriga dokument”).

Foundation Level Courses

English 1 full time  711G26

English 1 - Oral and Written Communication 711G35

English 1 - Language Studies 711G36

English 1 - Modern Fiction 711G37

English 1 - Modern British and American Society 711G38

English 2 711G25

English 3 711G30, 711G31, 711G23

Academic Writing (with Specialized Theory & Method) 711G62 (10 hp), 711G63 (5 hp)

International Business English 711G05 (Spring term only)

Advanced Level Courses

English Magister (Master's year 1) 711A03

Critical Engagements (Advanced Level) 711A10 (Autumn term only)

Translation and Translation Studies (Advanced Level) 711A11 (Autumn term only)

Academic Writing (Advanced Level) 711A12 (Autumn term only)

English, Writers and Contexts, advanced level 711A13 (Spring term only)

English, History of English, advanced level 711A14 (Spring term only)

Courses for Exchange Students

Academic English for Exchange Students 711G21

English - Literature, Foundation Course 711G45 (both Autumn & Spring terms)

English - Cultural Studies, Foundation Course 711G46 (both Autumn & Spring terms)

English - Language Studies, Intermediate Course 711G47 (both Autumn & Spring terms)

English - Literature, Intermediate Course, 711G48 (both Autumn & Spring terms)

English - Term Paper, Intermediate Course, 711G49 (both Autumn & Spring terms)

Contract Education

Course for HR

Course for LiU Staff English

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