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Introductory Course in Research Ethics, 4.5 hp

This is an introductory course in research ethics within the social sciences and humanities and it is open to doctoral students, supervisors and researchers at Linköping University. The course covers research ethical problems and concepts, such as autonomy and informed consent, scientific fraud and misconduct and the researcher's responsibility for the consequences of her research. Research ethical declarations and Swedish legislation on research ethics are introduced. Field-specific research problems are discussed as well as research ethical problems experienced by the course participants. After completing the course, the student should be able to identify and describe common research ethical problems, suggest solutions to the problems and justify the solutions by means of basic ethical principles. The student should also have proficiency in filling in an application for ethical trial of research. The course consists of 11 mandatory lectures/seminars and will be taught in English.

Course responsible teacher/Contact person: Elin Palm, e-mail: elin.palm@liu.se, Centre for Applied Ethics (LF)

Teachers: Elin Palm (EP), Solmaz Filiz Karabag (SFK), Elisabeth Permvall (EPE)

Schedule, Spring Term 2021

Examination: Active participation and a short, individual paper to be discussed in a seminar. In the paper, the course participant analyses a research ethical problem related to her own research project/field of research.

Attendance: Lectures/seminars are mandatory. One but only one lecture/seminar can be missed and compensated for by means of a make-up assignment. The final seminars cannot be missed and compensated for by means of a make-up assignment since these require presentations and commentaries of individual papers. 

Course literature: Gustafsson, B. & Hermerén, G. & Petersson, B. "Good Research Practice – What is it?" This document can be downloaded from: http://www.vr.se/download/18.3a36c20d133af0c1295800030/1340207445948/Good+Research+Practice+3.2011_webb.pdf

Registration: Registration is made via e-mail to Monica Wise: monica.wise@liu.se where name, personal number and affiliation of the course participant is stated. Deadline for course registration is February 18th, 2021.

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