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Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere and in many different forms, intelligent assistance in mobile phones and self-driving vehicles being some examples. An increased reliance on advanced AI systems for vital societal functions gives rise to ethical questions regarding usage and management. And, the more sophisticated such systems get, the more relevant the question of their moral status becomes. Which sort of agents are artificial systems? Can they be considered moral agents and can they be ascribed moral responsibility? The course focuses on three main areas of moral relevance for autonomous systems and AI: responsibility for decisions made by artificial agents, bias/discrimination as a result of AI use, and the importance of participation in the development of AI systems. During this course, students are provided theoretical tools for reflection on the development of AI, requirements that ought to be made regarding this technology and how it ought to be managed in society.

Course code: 721G28

For more information, see https://liu.se/studieinfo/kurs/721g28.

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Last updated: 2020-06-12