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Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 7,5 ECTS credits

Until recently, the term 'applied ethics' was taken quite literally: the application of ethical theory to issues in practical life. Nowadays, many ethicists acknowledge that the relationship between ethical theory and moral practice might be more interactive. Moral choices may be guided or criticised from the perspective of some ethical theory. But theories may also be criticised and adjusted from the point of view of well-considered moral judgements concerning concrete problems. In this course, various normative ethical theories will be studied, like natural law theory, utilitarianism, kantianism and virtue ethics. Students will learn to apply the theories to practical problems and to criticise and evaluate the theories in the light of their implications for practice.

Course codes:
Basic course 721G22
Advanced course 721A47
Master's course 721A01

Autumn 2020

Course information, Schedule and Readings

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