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"Need to improve your English?" Academic English Support

Academic English Support at Linköping University

The Academic English Support is open to all students (first-cycle and second-cycle students; not third-cycle students/PhD students) at Linköping University and is available at all three campuses (Linköping/Valla, Linköping/US, and Norrköping). Our aim is to help you improve your English language skills and make you more confident about using English for academic purposes. If you are working on a take-home exam, an essay, a thesis, etc, you may contact us for help and advice on how to improve your text. We can also give you feedback and advice regarding oral presentations.

Writing in English

We offer individual guidance regarding:

  • how to plan and organise the text
  • how to structure the content logically and clearly
  • how to make the text coherent
  • how to improve your linguistic skills – grammar, vocabulary, etc.
  • which tone and style is best suited for the text

Please note!
We will not correct the mistakes for you, neither proofread the entire text. Instead, we will work together with you to improve it. Our aim is to provide you with the tools you need to continue working on your own to develop your academic writing skills.

Speaking English

We can help you improve your presentation skills by offering guidance regarding:

  • how to prepare a presentation
  • how to structure the message
  • how to create and maintain interest
  • the manuscript
  • linguistic techniques and body language
  • the use of visual aids, e.g. PowerPoint presentations

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Last updated: 2019-04-15