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Information for Teachers

What is Academic English Support?

Academic English Support (AES) is a free resource for all LiU students at undergraduate and master’s level. Our role is to help students develop their skills in written and spoken English so that they can adequately communicate what they have learned within an academic context. Those of you who teach and/or examine students in English are vital partners in this task.

What can you do to help us assist your students?

  • Encourage students who need assistance with English to contact us as early as possible in the writing process.  This is important because students need time to develop their skills. 
  • Provide your students, as early as possible in the writing process, with clear indications about what type of improvements to the text, particularly in terms of language, are necessary.

Note that we work according to the principle “teaching students how to teach themselves”. We do not offer to simply proof-read or edit an entire text.

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Last updated: 2018-09-21