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 Per ErlandssonPer

Email: perer@ifm.liu.se
Telephone: +46 (0)13 282358
: 0739 466171
Office: Fysikhuset N320




Have a master in the field of Materials in Medicine  and  an engineer degree in Technical Biology.
Interested in collaborations with groups working towards medicine, biology and especially neurology.


Currently focusing on micofluidics and separations for Lab-on-a-Chip type devices.
Collaboration with Eva Åström in Peter Pålsson’s group at campus US and Pakorn Preechaburana in Daniel Filippini’s group at IFM, to create a microfluidic device able to detect Fucose in urine, which is an indicator of liver disease and cancer.
Methods and instruments: photolithography, soft-lithography, PDMS-functionalization and fluorescence.
Collaboration with Gunnar Bergström in Carl-Fredrik Mandenius’ group to develop bioreactors for toxicity tests on tissue-like cell cultures, in order to decrease the need for animal testing.
Methods and instruments: photolithography, soft-lithography, integrated polymer electrodes, electrokinetics and pH-monitoring.
The main focus of my research projects is integrated polymer electrodes in microfluidic devices, primarily focused on fluid transport by electrokinetic effects. The goal is to use these devices in setups using living organisms or biomolecules, and other sensitive assays.
I'm currently working on fully integrating electrodes into microfluidic systems and evaluating their performance and impact on the system with regards to pH changes and undesired electrode reactions.

Recent Publications

  • Electrolysis-reducing electrodes for electrokinetic devices, Electrophoresis 2011


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