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Robert Pilstål


Office: +46 13282723Robert Pilstal
Email: robert.pilstal@liu.se
Research Group: IFM Bioinformatics


I am a student in the broad field of Bioinformatics with main foci on molecular evolution. Evolution has left us with a plethora of carbon based lifeforms, all with slight variations and similarities in how they live and function. Almost all this variation is encoded by their DNA, or genetic code, which in turn translate to protein variation. Protein variation is of great interest since it contains the patterns that hold clues as to how and why we function as we do.

Current Project

From protein sequence databases I extract residue graphs that can be used in machine learning, or to constrain molecular modeling algorithms, to understand the significance of mutations.

I am also involved in collaborations with projects in the study of cancer and microbial multi drug resistance (MDR) mutants where we apply techniques of molecular modeling and dynamics simulations.



  • Tu, W. B. et al. Myc and its interactors take shape. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Gene Regulatory Mechanisms 1849, 469–483 (2015)
  • Helander, S. et al. Pre-Anchoring of Pin1 to Unphosphorylated c-Myc in a Fuzzy Complex Regulates c-Myc Activity. Structure 23, 2267–2279 (2015)


  • Björn Wallner 
  • Maria Sunnerhagen 

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