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LiU Cancer Network

LiU Cancer

LiU Cancer is a research network for scientists and health care professionals at Linköping University and at the County Council of Östergötland.
The network includes independet researchers and their groups whose research is related to cancer diagnosis, pathogenesis and treatment.

Unique to LiU Cancer is its engagement of scientists from a wide range of disciplines from clinical application to engineering. By supporting interdisciplinary research, we build on strongholds of Linköping University and Regional Health Care to form a high-profile cancer research environment with the ultimate aim to improve patient care and survival. 


Charlotta Dabrosin, Professor/Senior Physician
E-mail: charlotta.dabrosin@liu.se
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine/Oncology
Linköping University
Department of Oncology
University Hospital

Deputy Chairman:
Stig Linder, Professor
E-mail: stig.linder@liu.se
Department of Medical and Health Sciences/Drug Research
Linköping University

Chatarina Malm
E-mail: chatarina.malm@liu.se
Phone: +46 (0)10-103 20 16,
+46 (0)13-28 68 85
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine/Oncology
Linköping University


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