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The Linköping Centre for Systems Biology (LCSB)

is a network of some 15 groups and companies that are associated with Linköping University and doing work related to systems biology. 

Systems biology is a relatively new field that is centered around two pillars:

 i) to collect high-throughput and/or quantitative data from intact systems

 ii) to make use of mathematical modelling to unravel the underlying complex biology systems in an integrated theoretical/experimental manner

which both shifts the focus from the study of isolated components to the study of intact biological systems

 The involved groups range from pure experimental groups to mixed experimental/theoretical and purely theoretical groups, working on all scales of biological systems (protein dynamics, cell biology, bio-medicine, eco-systems), and are situated in almost 10 different departments. A complete list is present here.


The main purpose of the network is to be of assistence to

 i) the involved groups, by making their research more visible, by facilitating collaborations, and by organising joint events (seminars, Ph.D. courses etc)

 ii) groups with a possible future interest in starting systems biology research, by arranging introductory lectures available for a wider audience

 iii) interested students in biology and/or engineering, by creating a portal for relevant courses, national/international networks, and local and external M.Sc. and student projects


If you are interested, please join our email list. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Gunnar Cedersund at gunnar.cedersund@liu.se

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