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Researcher Portraits

Urban Forsberg

A cool challenger in the semiconductor industry

Base stations for a rapidly expanding mobile network, radar for fighter planes, communicating satellites... The founders of the clone company Classic – four semi-conductor researchers from the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology – appear to have an encouraging market for their products.

Carina Höglund

She helped ESS out of a fix

When the cold war ended and the production of nuclear weapons virtually stopped, the supply of the isotope helium-3 plummeted. For the major project ESS – European Spallation Source – this could have been a major setback. But Linköping University researcher Carina Höglund solved the problem.

Mats Sandberg

Ink the key to printed electronics

The first commercial printed electronics product, a battery tester, is on its way onto the market, but at Acreo Swedish ICT research is in full flow to develop ink that will have many different applications, in sunshine and in rain.

Sten Johansson

Looking inside a Superalloy

Sten Johansson and his research team are investigating the inside of a Superalloy. Knowledge of how a material fatigued and eventually fails is crucial to increasing the efficiency of gas turbines and jet engines.

Magnus Berggren

Surface switch turns on cell culture

Professor Magnus Berggren and his research group have developed an electronic surface – a surface switch – based on organic electronic materials. It enables the researchers to control both the growth and the differentiation of stem cells.

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