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A seminar is held 15:15-17:00 once a month (except June to August), where three or four members will get the opportunity to present their work for their fellow members. One member will be the chair for the first two speakers, and another member will be the chair for the last two speakers. The fourth speaker should preferably be an invited doctor who can tell us about the time after the PhD studies. Other possibilities for a forth speaker are supervisor or student presentations. If a speaker, chair or cake responsible can not attend the seminar, it is the responsibility of that member to find a replacement member.  

The seminar schedule will have the following general layout:

15:15-15:35 Student speaker 1

15:35-15:55 Student speaker 2

15:55-16:15 Announcements and coffee break

16:15-16:35 Student speaker 3

16:35-17:00 Invited speaker

Seminars 2017:

The dates and information about the schedule for the seminars of 2017 can be found here.

Seminars Spring 2017:

January 11 (Planck)

First Session Chair: Björn Lundqvist

Speaker 1: -

Speaker 2: Hama Nadhom

Second Session Chair: Emil Kalered

Speaker 3: Mohammad Amin Gharavi

Invited Speaker: Henrik Pedersen

Cake responsible: Quanzheng Tao, Alexandra Serban


February 08 (Planck)

First Session Chair: Hatim Alnoor

Speaker 1: Zhe Chen 

Speaker 2: Erik Ekström

Second Session Chair: Babak Bakhit

Speaker 3: Martin Eriksson

Invited Speaker: Linda Karlsson

Cake responsible: Kosala Wijeratne, Kalle Brunnfors


March 15 (Planck)

First Session Chair: Rania Adam

Speaker 1: Emil Kalered

Speaker 2: Hongling Yu

Second Session Chair: Zhongcheng Yuan

Speaker 3: Viktor Norman

Invited Speaker: Mikael Segersäll

Cake responsible: Ingemar Persson, Lida Khajavizadeh


April 12 (Planck)

First Session Chair: Claudia Schnitter

Speaker 1: Pimin Zhang

Speaker 2: Igor Mosyagin

Second Session Chair: Hama Nadhom

Speaker 3: Jesper Edberg

Invited Speaker: Jr-Tai Chen

Cake responsible: Mina Shiran Chaharsoughi, Hongling Yu


May 10 (Planck)

First Session Chair: Shabo Han

Speaker 1: Alexandra Serban

Speaker 2: Jalin Shah

Second Session Chair: Erik Ekström

Speaker 3: Dunyong Deng

Invited Speaker: Jr-Tai Chen

Cake responsible: Tim Cornelissen, Chung-Chuan Lai


June 07 (Planck)

First Session Chair: Evangelina Mitraka

Speaker 1: Laurent Souqui

Speaker 2: Jonas Saarimäki

Second Session Chair: Hongling Yu

Speaker 3: Hatim Alnoor

Invited Speaker: Info will be updated

Cake responsible: Babak Bakhit, Rania Adam


Seminars Autumn 2017:

September 06 (Planck)

First Session Chair: Kosala Wijeratne

Speaker 1: Mina Shiran Chaharsoughi

Speaker 2: Claudia Schnitter

Second Session Chair: Kalle Brunnfors

Speaker 3: Chung-Chuan Lai

Invited Speaker: Info will be updated

Cake responsible: Zhongchen Yuan, Canyan Che


October 04 (Planck)

First Session Chair: Tim Cornelissen

Speaker 1: Evangelina Mitraka

Speaker 2: Canyan Che

Second Session Chair: Krishna Praveen Jonnalagadda

Speaker 3: Shabo Han

Invited Speaker: Arvid Larsson, Saab

Cake responsible: Hengfang Zhang, Erik Ekström


November 01 (Planck)

First Session Chair: Ingemar Persson

Speaker 1: Zhongcheng Yuan

Speaker 2: Rania Adam

Second Session Chair: Nerijus Armakavicius

Speaker 3: Kalle Brunnfors

Invited Speaker: Info will be updated

Cake responsible: Hama Nadhom, Johan Jönsson


December 06 (Planck)

First Session Chair: Mina Shiran Chaharsoughi

Speaker 1: Kosala Wijeratne

Speaker 2: Tim Cornelissen

Second Session Chair: Mohammad Amin Gharavi

Speaker 3: Babak Bakhit

Invited Speaker: Info will be updated

Cake responsible: Evangelina Mitraka, Claudia Shnitter


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