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As a member of Agora Materiae, the student will have the opportunity to meet other PhD students working on material related research and create new and important contacts, take part in study visits, both within Sweden and abroad, attend a summer conference organized by the student council or some other members, for the members, take part in monthly seminars where three students will present their work, attend courses offered by the graduate school, and hopefully learning a lot and having a great deal of fun! As a member, you will get the opportunity to sit in the student council for a year and/or organize study visits and/or summer conferences. You will also get a backpack of 10 000 kr, which you may spend on attending a conference you want to go to, or a book that you would like to read, for example. The monthly seminars and the summer conference are compulsory events, where as the study visits are optional.

A membership for a PhD student costs 10 000 kr per year. Applying for a membership for the PhD student in Agora Materiae has to be a joint decision of the PhD student and his/her supervisor. To become a member of Agora Materiae, an e-mail should be sent to both Per Olof Holtz and Karina Malmström by both the PhD student and his/her supervisor. The e-mail should include the name of the PhD student and his/her supervisor, the institution and group to which they belong to, as well as their e-mail addresses. To send this e-mail, click here.

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