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Name Group Department
Christina Åkerlind Applied Optics IFM
Jonas Saarimäki Engineering Materials IEI
Krishna Praveen Jonnalagadda Engineering Materials IEI
Mattias Lundberg Engineering Materials IEI
Dunyong Deng Engineering Materials IEI
Pimin Zhang Engineering Materials IEI
Viktor Norman Engineering Materials IEI
Mohammad Javad Jafari Molecular Physics IFM
Hatim Alnoor Physical Electronics and Nanotechnology ITN
Shaobo Han Organic Electronics ITN
Canyan Che Organic Electronics ITN
Emil Kalered Physical Chemistry IFM
Claudia Schnitter  Thin Film Physics IFM
Björn Lundqvist Semiconductor Materials IFM
Jalil Shah Surface and Semiconductor Physics IFM
Alexandra Serban Thin Film Physics IFM
Ludvig Landälv Thin Film Physics IFM
Maiwulidan Yimamu (Mewlude) Thin Film Physics IFM
Lida Khajavizadeh Applied Sensor Science IFM
Mohammad Amin Gharavi Thin Film Physics IFM
David Engberg Thin Film Physics IFM
Robin Karhu Semiconductor Materials IFM

Quanzheng Tao

Thin Film Physics


Nerijus Armakavicius

Semiconductor Materials


Laurent Souqui

Thin Film Physics IFM
Johan Jönsson Theoretical Physics IFM
Kosala Wijeratne Organic Electronics ITN
Rania Adam Physical electronics and nanotechnology ITN
Hama Nadhom Inorganic Chemistry IFM
Evangelia Mitraka Physics and Electronics ITN
Kalle Bunnfors Molecular Surface Physics and Nanoscience IFM
Ingemar Persson Thin Film Physics IFM
Mina Shiran Chaharsoughi Physics and Electronics ITN
Erik Ekström Thin Film Physics IFM
Tim Cornelissen Complex Materials and Devices IFM
Zhongcheng Yuan Biomolecular and organic electronics IFM
Hongling Yu Applied Physics IFM
Babak Bakhit Thin Film Physics  IFM
Yingzhi Jin Biomolecular and organic electronics IFM
Marius Rodner  Applied Physics IFM
Shangzhi Chen Organic Electronics ITN
Davide Gambino Theoretical Physics IFM

Prabhat Pant

Engineering Materials IEI

Yuming Wang

Biomolecular and organic electronics IFM
Hengfeng Zhang Semiconductor Materials IFM
Heyong Wang Biomolecular and organic electronics IFM

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