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Courses recommended for Agora Materiae members:


Basic Management of Research Projects (1,5hp)

Regular course given each spring. The course seminars usually occurs during March and falls on tuesdays. More info

Register as soon as possible to Lena Sjöholm <lena.sjoholm@liu.se>



Scientific Publishing course


PhD-course on Scientific Publishing 3 HP occurs roughly every year. Usually is given during April.


Enroll: Send an email with subject: “Scientific Publishing” to perje@ifm.liu.se, not later than mid-march of the same year. State your name, your subject, your supervisor, which PhD-study year you are in, and your publication status (e g 1 paper published, 1 paper under writing). If it is necessary to select among participants (due to space limitations), we will give priority to students who have few papers written, but have at least started writing.

Credits: 3 ECTS require that you participate on all four seminars and fulfil all three assignments.



Introductory course in Scanning Probe Microscopy


The course on scanning probe microscopy is directed towards PhD students, who want a theoretical and practical introduction to scanning probe microscopy techniques. It gives a better understanding of what you see, and why, when you measure with AFM/STM, as well as insights in more advanced SPM techniques

Register to Martijn Kemerink



Intellectual Property as a Business Tool

Join an interesting course and get the basics on Patents and other IPR. Learn how to extract the protection, how money are made based on IPR and how to perform searches in patent databases. Please note that the patent databases contains vital and sometimes even crucial information for your research as such! Open for every researcher at LiU!

The course will provide knowledge in: 

• IPR-Patent, trademark and design 
• Teachers exception from the patent rules regarding employment (Lärarundantaget) 
• Databases and patent comparison 
• Licensing 
• Company IPR Management 
• Patent as a tool in your business, company and research 

You can read more about the course here:.https://doktorandportalen.iei.liu.se/user/course/271/

Register by sending an e-mail to Karin Fredriksson: karin.fredriksson@liu.se

General programming skills using Matlab as an example

Course that will be given by Prof Michael Felsberg, ISY

Preliminary course content: programming paradigms and styles, practical tips, ODEs, PDEs, data analysis, high-level API, implementing PDE-based image analysis


Opinions about the courses above and suggestions for other courses are most welcome and can be sent to the student council.

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