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PhD course on CPS 13 - 17 April 2015

Course Description The term Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) is used to refer to a holistic approach to the design, innovation, and management of systems that have tightly coupled physical and computational components. This course introduces students to the basic concepts of CPS, starting from the need for this view and covering issues such as modeling both physical and computational systems, and the basic concepts of control.  This intensive course is based on the Lecture Notes on Cyber Physical Systems by Walid Taha, which are freely available online (see for example and recorded lectures from past years.  The course is taught using the “flipped classroom” model, so, reading and lectures are done before class.

The course contents include:

  • General background on CPS
  • Modeling Physical Systems
  • Control
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Modeling Computational Systems
  • Game Theory

The proposed credit is 1.5 hp, and lasts for one week. The course consists of:

  • Watching recorded lecture (6 * 1.5 hour),
  • Reading of lecture notes (6 x 2 hour),
  • Taking online quizzes (6 x 20 minutes), and
  • In-class problem-solving sessions (6 * 2 hour).

Evaluation will be based on participation and a short written exam at the end of the course.  Quizzes and in-class study problems can contribute to higher grades.

The class schedule is as follows:

  • Monday April 13, 10-12am, E524 
  • Tuesday April 14, 10-12am, E320 
  • Tuesday April 14, 1-12pm, E324 
  • Wednesday April 15, 10-12am, E320 
  • Thursday April 16, 10-12am, E320 Friday, 
  • April 17th, 8-10am, E320