ELLIIT is a strategic research environment funded by the Swedish government in 2010, as part of its initiative to support strong research in information technology and mobile communications.  ELLIIT has four partners: Linköping University, Lund University, Halmstad University and Blekinge Institute of Technology.   ELLIIT constitutes a platform for both fundamental and applied research, and for cross-fertilization between disciplines and between academic researchers and industry experts. ELLIIT stands out by the quality and visibility of its publications, and its ability to attract and retain top talented researchers, and aims at being recognized as a top international research organization.

ELLIIT achieves its goals by a judicious choice of funded focus projects, a structured process for international recruitment, a balanced way of stimulating cooperation between research areas and between the sites involved (LiU, LU, BTH, HH), and a proactive approach towards fostering and maintaining cooperation with Swedish industry. The overarching objective of ELLIIT is to support scientific excellence in combination with industrial relevance and impact.  
























Illustration of the interaction between the themes, the application areas and the groupings


The main departments participating in ELLIIT

Linköping University:
Dept of Electrical Engineering (ISY)
Dept Of Computer Science (IDA)
Dept of Science and Technology, ITN, NRK (parts)

Lund University:
Dept of Electrical and Information Technology (EIT)
Dept of Automatic Control (AC)
Dept of Computer Science (CS)
Mathematical Imaging Group (MIG)

Blekinge Institute of Technology:
Software Engineering Research Lab (SERL)

Halmstad University:
Center for Research in Embedded Systems (CERES)