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Practical information

This page hopefully contains all necessary practical information related to your stay in Linköping. Some of this information has already been sent to you via e-mail, but we collect it here for your convenience. If your question is not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use the following links to navigate on the page:

Contacts | Getting to Linköping | Staying in Linköping | Eating in Linköping city | Getting around in Linköping | Finding your way around campus | Eating on campus


Janerik Lundquist, professor, PRINTeL coordinator for Linköping University

Peter Dalenius, assistant manager at TSDC Didacticum, course leader

Gunvor Larsson Torstensdotter, manager at TSDC Didacticum

Anna Söderström, pedagogical ICT developer 

Linnea Björk Timm, pedagogical ICT developer

Lars Uhlin, pedagogical developer

Other teachers from TSDC Didacticum and Linköping University will participate as guests during the course.

Getting to Linköping

Finding your flight

Linköping has its own airport located more or less in the city centre. We have three daily connections to and from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam operated by KLM. This is a very convenient solution, but from your countries fairly expensive. However, it is worth to find out price and time just in case.

The other, and probably the best and cheapest, solution for you is to fly to Arlanda Airport in Stockholm (the capital of Sweden). This airport has daily connections with Yerevan via Moscow (Aeroflot), via Kiev (Ukrainian Airlines) and via Warsaw (LOT). There might be some further airlines available. From Tbilisi you can for example fly via Germany with Lufthansa to Arlanda. From Minsk we are sure there are direct flights to Arlanda, but perhaps not on a daily basis. From Arlanda there are several solutions to reach Linköping during daytime. There are for example direct trains inside the airport to Linköping taking approx. 2,5 hours or express trains from Stockholm central station taking 1,5 hours. Also busses pick up at the airport and take you directly to Linköping on approx. 3,5 hours. We will come back to these options, timetables, prices etc. later.

Finally there is also an alternative to fly to Copenhagen Airport Kastrup in Denmark. Directly inside the air terminal there are direct trains to Linköping taking approx. 3,5 hours.

After you have evaluated the different options to reach Sweden/Linköping I would predict that you will find Arlanda as the absolute best and convenient alternative taking into account price, reasonable arrival and departure time, shortest connection from you home town etc.

Please go ahead and buy your air ticket at your earliest convenience. Take into account that you have to arrive in Linköping on Sunday by the latest and that you cannot leave Linköping until Friday evening by the earliest.

How to go from your arrival airport to your hotel in Linköping

Since we don’t have information about your itinerary or your arriving date and time we can only give you some general hints how to solve the transportation from your arrival to your hotel in Linköping.

If you arrive at Stockholm-Arlanda airport there are two possibilities to go to Linköping – by train or by bus.

By train

There are several trains departing from inside the air terminal (basement floor) going directly to Linköping, or you have to change at Stockholm Central station. You will see this on your ticket. BUT to use the train you have to buy the ticket in advance since you cannot by the ticket inside the train. Furthermore, ticket prices are fluctuating depending on the day, the time of the day, and the category of train, why you never can know in advance how much it will cost. At Arlanda airport there are only vending machines available for train tickets. They are tricky to use why I recommend you to buy your ticket right now when the price is much lower than the price is the day when you arrive. Go through the following steps:

  • Log in at www.sj.se
  • Up on the right side of the first page you see a flag. Klick there and choose “engelska”.
  • Put in departure = Arlanda C and arrival = Linköping C if you stay at Park Hotel or at Hotel Stångå and put arrival = Linköping Eskadern if you stay at Linköping City Hotel. By using Linköping Eskadern you will get the bus ticket included in your train ticket.
  • Put in your arrival date and arrival time to see what possibilities you have to go to Linköping.
  • Choose a suitable train. Take some extra marginal since you need to get your luggage and the plane could be delayed.
  • Buy a second class ticket (if it is cheaper than first class, otherwise buy first class) that you can rebook (second category of prices on the page).
  • Buy your return ticket also now but for that ride you can book a ticket that isn’t possible to rebook (a cheaper alternative).
  • Follow the instructions, go for an e-ticket, pay with your credit card and then print your tickets

If you arrive at Copenhagen-Kastrup airport you have the trains to Linköping inside the airport. Here you can go to a counter for ticket selling and buy your ticket directly. If you return from the same airport buy your return ticket together with the ticket to Linköping. Depending on where you stay in Linköping follow the instructions above. But the cheapest and most convenient for you is to buy your ticket on Internet following the instructions given above. Now you put in departure = Copenhagen Airport. The rest is the same as above.

When you arrive at Linköping Central station you have two alternatives depending on which hotel you stay at. If you stay at Park Hotel or Hotel Stångå you just go out from the station area and cross the main road just in front of the station building. If you go 25 meters to the right you arrive to Park Hotel – a yellow building. If you go 100 meters to the left you will reach Hotel Stångå – a white building. You cannot miss it. 

For those of you staying at Linköping City Hotel you take a reddish bus just along railway platform number 1. You can take bus number 1, 2, 4, 11, 14 or 19. To get in the right direction ask the driver if the bus will pass “Trädgårdstorget”. Choose the bus with the shortest waiting time before departure. It is announced on big signboards. Step off at stop “Trädgårdstorget”. The ride will take approx. 3 minutes and it is the second stop after departure. All stops are announced inside the bus as well. When you have left the bus continue in the driving direction of the bus. After 20-30 meters you reach a crossing. Go to the right and after 10-15 meters you see the hotel’s signboard on the left side of the street. You cannot miss it. If you are lost you can address everybody in the street in English. 90% of the population can understand and speak English.

To facilitate your travel to the university on Monday morning we advise you to arrange your bus card already at your arrival to Linköping Central station according to the instructions we have given on the homepage under the heading “Getting around in Linköping”.

By bus

To find out more about the bus connections from Arlanda Airport to Linköping, please visit https://global.flixbus.com/. The page is in English and very easy to navigate. At Arlanda you have to go outside terminal 2 to find the bus and in Linköping it stops at the long distance bus terminal. From there you have to walk 75 meters to reach the main building of Linköping Central station. Just walk forward in the driving direction of the bus.

Staying in Linköping

Sweden is not in the Euro family. We still use Swedish crowns, SEK. 1 Euro is approx. = 10 SEK. In Sweden we are very close to a cashless society. We use a credit card for every payment we have to do, nevertheless how small the sum is. In many shops, buses, trains, it is impossible to pay with cash. We really recommend you to have a credit card (if possible).

As in several European cities the hotel prices are fairly high and so also in Linköping. Since Linköping and its vicinity is a tourist area only during summertime there are almost no B&Bs available in the city during off season. Well, there are some offers on Airbnb that we are not able to handle at all. If you are ready to share a flat with two or more of your colleagues and cook your own breakfast this might be an alternative. We must ask you to take this alternative in your own hands. Just visit the homepage of Airbnb. But, be sure that you book accommodation in the city centre if you choose this alternative. There are many offers, but many of them are located far from the city centre.

For the following three city centre hotels we have negotiated a fairly good discount for you. All three are very well located for your arrival to Linköping by train or bus (or by air), as well as for your local transport to the university by bus. In December the weather can be very chilly and windy, why we do recommend that you go to the university by the local bus opportunities.

Click here for a Google map with the recommended hotels as well as the central station in Linköping! 

Linköping City Hotel & Vandrarhem, Klostergatan 52A, SE-582 23 Linköping

E-mail: reception@lvh.se or info@lvh.se

Phone: +46-(0) 13 35 90 00

Price: Room with 1 person = 925 SEK/night; Room with 2 people = 1 050 SEK/night.

Homepage: http://www.lvh.se or http://facebook.com/linkopingcityhotell

If you want to book this hotel, please refer to the booking code “58018 Linköpings universitet”, in order to get the discounted prices.

Sure Hotel by Best Western Stångå, (Hotel Stångå), Tullgränd 4, SE-582 22 Linköping

E-mail: reception@stanga.se 

Phone: +46-(0) 13 31 12 75

Price: Room with 1 person = 952 SEK/night; Room with 2 people = 1 120 SEK/night

Homepage: http://www.stanga.se/

If you want to book this hotel, please refer to the booking code “Linköpings universitet” in order to get the discounted prices.

Park Hotel, Järnvägsgatan 6, SE-582 22 Linköping

E-mail: info@fawltytowers.se

Phone: +46-(0) 13 12 90 05

Price: Room with 1 person = 868 SEK/night; Room with 2 people = 1 068 SEK/night

Homepage: http://www.fawltytowers.se/

If you want to book this hotel, please refer to the booking code “Linköpings universitet” in order to get the discounted prices.

All prices above have breakfast inclusive. If you want to share a room you might ask for a twin-bedded room. There might also be some rooms for more than 2 people. If this would be of interest for you, please ask the hotel directly.

Remember that you have to book your accommodation by yourself. For the hotels above you have to book via e-mail. Since there is a heavy pressure on hotel bookings in December we must ask you to book your accommodation as soon as possible. If your final itinerary is not exactly in line with your booking it is always possible to make a correction of one or two days at the beginning or at the end of your stay later on (but not too close to your arrival). We just want to add that these hotels are very good for the price you pay and they are in the city centre for your convenience.

If you go to www.booking.com you can find a map showing the location for each of these hotels. The first of the hotels above is located just in the city centre with only a few steps to the bus to the railway station and to the university. The next two hotels are located more or less just in front of the railway station and just a short walk to the city centre. From the railway station you can take either an express bus to the university (6 minutes) or one of the two ordinary buses (16 minutes).

Eating in Linköping city

In central Linköping, you can find a large number of restaurants and coffee shops in different price ranges. Several of them are located around the big square ("Stora Torget"). We don't have any specific recommendations.

Getting around in Linköping

Buses and local trains are operated by Östgötatrafiken. They have a Swedish only web site, but we have summarized the most important information here. The easiest and cheapest way to get around Linköping is to buy a travel card (Sw. resekort) and load it with desired amount. The travel card itself costs 20 SEK, and when you load it you must load at least 100 SEK.

A single ticket for travel within the city costs 25 SEK, and since you are going to go to campus and back five times during the week, we recommend that you load it with at least 250 SEK.

Buying and loading a travel card

You can buy and load travel cards at several places in the city, but the closest ones is probably at the central station:

  • Östgötatrafiken Service Center at the central station (open weekdays 7-18, weekends 10-16)
  • Pressbyrån at the central station (open weekdays 5.30-22, weekends 7-22)

If you have a travel card and want to load it, you can also do it in the Quickomat. It is a green machine outside the service center.

Using the travel card

  • When you enter the bus, locate one of the card readers. There is usually one in the front and one further back.
  • Select Adult ticket by pressing the button labeled Vuxen on the display.
  • Hold the card to the orange touch pad and wait a few seconds.
  • You will see a green light and hear a short beep when the ticket has registered.

Getting to the campus

From the city center you can get to campus in a couple of ways. All of these buses leave about four times per hour during peak hours. They all start at Resecentrum (right next to the central train station). 

  • Bus 4 from city center towards Lambohov takes about 17 minutes and stops right outside Didacticum at a stop called FOI.
  • Bus 20 from city center towards Mjärdevi or bus 12 from city center towards Lambohov takes 10-15 minutes, but stops at Mäster Mattias väg at the edge of campus and there is a five minute walk to Didacticum.

The bus stops are indicated on the campus map.

Download a printable version of this information!

Finding your way around campus

Campus map

Please click on the campus map for a larger version.

The course will be held at Didacticum, the Teaching Staff Development Center at Linköping University, located on the second floor of building G (Galaxen) in the southern (right) part of campus. On the campus map you can also see the closest bus stops: FOI right outside of the G building, and Mäster Mattias väg on the larger road at the bottom of the map.

Download a printable version of the campus map!

Eating on campus

There are several restaurants on campus, a short walk from the G building, and these are indicated on the campus map.

  • Restaurant Kårallen is open for lunch 11-13.30 and a lunch costs about 70 SEK.
  • Restaurant Zenit is open for lunch 11-14 and a lunch costs about 90 SEK. Zenit does not accept cash, only payment by card.
  • If you prefer a lighter lunch, we recommend either Café Ellen or Pressbyrån in the Key building, or The Falafel House located outside Key.

We will post the current lunch menu in the room where the course is located.



This course is a part of the PRINTeL project.

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