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Active Learning in the Flipped Classroom

Welcome to the Training of Trainers-course Active Learning in the Flipped Classroom. The course is offered by Didacticum, the Teaching Staff Development Center at Linköping University, Sweden as a part of the PRINTeL project.

You will find us on the second floor of the G (Galaxen) building, entrance 81. Please refer to the campus map for guidance.

On these pages you will find all information about the course and its contents. We will also distribute teaching guides to all participants once the course has finished. 

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About Didacticum

Didacticum is an administrative center at LiU established by the vice-chancellor for promoting pedagogic and didactic development. It was established in 2014 but continues the tradition of the previous Center for Teaching and Learning, established in 1996. We are about 35 people, or 12 full time-equivalents, and our teachers represent most of the departments at LiU. We have an annual budget of € 1.3 million. Our qualifying courses constitute the bulk of our work, but we also arrange workshops, conferences and do consultancy work.



This course is a part of the PRINTeL project.

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