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Open Networked Learning (ONL) 

Open Networked Learning (ONL) is an online course for university teachers that is organised in collaboration between several universities, nationally and abroad.

The course offers participants opportunities to explore and gain experience from collaborative, open online learning in order to understand the value, possibilities and challenges of using digital tools to support teaching and learning.

So if you would you like to:

  • learn about how to create collaborative and flexible learning environments online
  • learn about using Problem Based Learning in an open setting
  • extend your professional networks, meeting colleagues from different universities, disciplines, countries and cultures
  • try different digital tools and methods in a pedagogical context
  • get updated on research and trends in online learning

...this is the course for you!


ONL202 - autmn 2020

Course dates: 14 September - 6 December

Introductory meeting: 15 September 13:00-16:00 in Zoom. For LiU and other Universities.
Scope: The course runs entirely online during 12 weeks and the workload is equivalent to two weeks of working hours, i.e. 80 hours. Please note that this course, though web-based, requires weekly online presence in Zoom meetings and collaborative asynchronous work within a small group!
Language: English
Charge for admission: The course is free of charge
Number of participants: Limited number of admission places for LiU (total number of course participants approx. 136)

Course description ONL202 PDF

Course website: https://www.opennetworkedlearning.se/

Contact: Lars Uhlin Educational developer, Didacticum

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