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Becoming a teacher in Higher Education, 6 credits - course in advanced level, Higher Education

The course is one of the required courses in teaching and course design that are prerequisites for the being employed at Linköping University (LiU). It is primarily aimed at those who have relatively little to moderate teaching experience, however more experienced participants that wish to obtain new perspectives on teaching are also welcome.

The aim of the course is to increase standards and competence in academic teaching. In addition to more standard teaching skills, this also involves pedagogical reflection. Within the course there is the scope for the participants to reflect on their own pedagogical development and activities in relation to the course contents. In connection with this, participants will develop their own ‘educational merit portfolio’ to better showcase their skills and progress in teaching.

An overall theme of the course is how teachers can support students in their learning and knowledge development using both physical and digital tools. The course deals with and analyses how different theories of knowledge and learning are applied in different subject areas, how pedagogical perspectives mayvary, and what the legal framework and conditions are that govern academic teaching. Course work is conducted through individual assignments as well as in group work. Written and oral discussion based on group work constitute an important part of the course contents.

This is a 6 credit course, equating to approximately 160 hours of study time (ie 4 weeks full-time studies). Approximately one third consist of the workload is time spent in course days, with the rest coming from time spent on assignments.

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  • The course comprises 6 credits and thus 160 hours of working hours
  • Attendance during course days is compulsory
  • Between course days, individual tasks and activities are completed and subsequently presented and discussed during specific seminars.


In connection with the course registration, participants are expected to:

  • Consider carefully whether they will have sufficient opportunities for both participation and completion of the course in regards to other commitments and duties
  • Ensure that they have teaching assignments (learning activities) during the course, as one important element of the course requires the attentdance and discussion of other participants lectures or other teaching activities.



  • The course can be fully booked before the closing date
  • In the case of too few reports, the course may be set
  • If canceled after the last registration date, approximately 1 month before the start of the course, without special reasons, Didacticum will charge the participant's ordering unit with SEK 2,000

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Course days:
March 8, March 29, April 12, May 8, June 3, August 16, September 13

Course leader: Hossein Nadali Najafabadi, hossein.nadali.najafabadi@liu.se

Application deadline:
February 8, 2019

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Course days:
October 8, October 25, November 29, December 17 (2019), January 14, February 10, February 25, (2020)

Course leader: Per Sandén, per.sanden@liu.se 

Application deadline:
September 8, 2019

Application form - Enter the date for the course start


Course administration:
Monika Samuelsson, monika.samuelsson@liu.se

Charge: SEK 5 500

Room: Didacticum, House Galaxen (G-House), Entrance 81, Campus Valla

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