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LISAM - engaging and convenient? How?



This workshop offers the opportunity to share our experiences from the Lisam platform and more specifically - how to use it more effectively towards students, by making it interactive and handy.

The workshop will take place in our Active Learning Classroom (S41, house C, campus Valla) on December 7th, 13:15-15:00.

You will also be asked to answer a survey before the workshop takes place, to help us create as relevant content as possible.

Responsible teacher: Hossein Nadali Najafabadi



Want to know more about ict in higher eduction?

Please contact the ICT pedagogue-group at Didacticum: iktstudion@liu.se

Coordinator: Anna F Söderström, ICT Pedagogue, Didacticum


Mon Oct 15 13:55:00 CEST 2018

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