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Development Project for Swedish Digital Pathology

Welcome to the web site of the project "Optimized flows and IT tools for digital pathology", DigiPat3

Diagnostic pathology is of crucial importance for health care in Sweden and the world. Cancer care, for example, is fully dependent of fast and precise analyses of tissue samples (histopathology). The number of pathologists in Sweden is, however, far from sufficient, at the same as the volumes and demands increase due to an ageing population and more specialized diagnostics.

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Consortium for Innovation

Histologi bröstcancerDigiPat3 is lead by a consortium developing new work processes and IT tools exploiting the potential of whole-slide imaging (digitization of microscopy glass slides). The consortium is lead by the medtech company Sectra and consists of CMIV at Linköping University together with eleven county councils/care providers (Dalarna, Gävleborg, Jönköping, Norrbotten, Sahlgrenska, Stockholm, Unilabs, Värmland, Västmanland, Örebro and Östergötland) as well as Equalis, Interactive Institute ICT och LRI Imaging. This effort amounts to 2,3 million Euro, which includes funding of about 1 million Euro from the Swedish innovation agency VINNOVA.

The motivation for the project is that within pathology there is an urgent need of substantially increased efficiency in parallel with continued improvements in quality of care. Digitization of histology images is one of few major opportunities to achieve this. During the first two years this project defined a holistic solution based on this opportunity. This design includes novel workflows, adapted IT architecture, as well as a prioritized requirement set for corresponding IT tools. The project has developed a demonstrator for underpinning parts of the total solution and created a platform for a competence and research center in this area.

The following two years will focus on a broad implementation of digital solutions in clinical environments as well as continuing the development of digital tools and the research platform.

The goal for the solutions developed in the project is to achieve shorter turn-around times in pathology, higher diagnostic precision, more cost-efficient resource utilization and improved medical education.

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