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Zenit: Moving in

The refurbishment of Zenit to a building for collaboration is now complete and the International Affairs and Collaborations Division (IFSA), with its five units and around 70 co-workers, has moved in.

Bild: Det svävande konferensrummet Black Box, entreplanetA few building workers are putting the finishing touches in place, but Zenit is now essentially finished and the co-workers have moved in. But distance mode determines how we work, and not all 70 co-workers are working in the building at the same time.

The entry level in Zenit is home to an exhibition floor, where the restaurant was previously located. A catering kitchen is available close by, which can be used during exhibitions and large events. A personnel room is also located on this level, and the kitchen and the rear entrance have been made more accessible and welcoming.

The Black Box, a meeting room suspended in mid-air, can be seen from the entry level. This meeting room is for general use in LiU, with space for 16 people. It can be booked in Time Edit, where it is known by the name “Kilo” (for “K” in the phonetic alphabet).

The upper level has open-plan offices for the five units of IFSA:

  • Bild: Det svävande konferensrummet Black Box, andra våningenGrants Office 
  • Programme Office
  • International Office
  • Strategic Collaborations Office
  • Commissioned Education Office

Bild: Öppen kontorsmiljö i Zenit

Co-worker reactions to their new workplace

Svjetlana Stekovic, senior research coordinator, Grants Office

It’s light and airy! I’ve never worked in an open-plan office, so we’ll have to see how it works out. A building for collaboration is a great idea, gathering units that work together and that have the same goals. I hope that the building can improve collaboration.


Erica Byström, project manager at LiU Commissioned Education

We have worked in open-plan offices since we started three years ago. In the beginning, Bild: Flyttkartonger i öppen kontorsmiljö i ZenitI was expecting it to be awful. But now we’re used to it, and I think it works well. It’s useful that we can overhear each other. The other day I heard one of the innovation advisers, who used to have their office over in Mjärdevi somewhere, talking about AI. And we’re also working with that, so now she and I have a meeting planned next week.


Åsa Wallin, senior coordinator, Strategic Collaborations Office

“I have been involved in discussions for a building for collaboration since 2012. Now – at last – we’ve moved in. The premises are really great and inspiring. We are pretty much used to working in an open-plan office, and the sound absorption here is really good, designed so that many people can work in one large space. I can see opportunities for better interactions, now that we are all working together. I’ve heard that the truly Bild: Personalrum i Zenitcreative meetings take place in the coffee room. And this is also an opportunity to get rid of all the old stuff and start afresh.



Translated by George Farrants

Photo: Magnus Johansson



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Last updated: 2020-10-08