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Refurbishment of Zenit and D begins

Studenthuset stands completed, and now the refurbishment of the D Building (Stage 2) and Zenit has started, with planned completion by October 2020. In Norrköping, the Properties Division is looking for new premises for the Trappan student union facility. The Campus LiU project is continuing at pace.

Construction barriers were erected around the D Building in August, and activity is now in full flow inside the building. Soon the temporary pavilions used by the library will be removed. The refurbishment of the D Building and Zenit is part of the drive to gather all university administration co-workers from their current widely dispersed locations across Campus Valla. Three divisions: IT, Communications and Marketing, and Properties, will move into D in October/November 2020.

Skylt på Zenits fasadZenit will be repurposed as a centre for the university collaboration activities. Collaboration is becoming increasingly important for universities, and several of LiU’s co-workers who work to promote collaboration are currently housed off campus. Thus, LiU Commissioned Education, Grants Office, Strategic Collaborations Office, and LiU Innovation will move to Zenit. The building will also house open areas for exhibitions and events, together with meeting rooms and collaboration spaces. The Zodiaken restaurant will remain in Zenit, while the Campus Bookstore will move to the D Building.

“This means that we can leave both the G Building and Terra (with the exception of the examination rooms) and in this way cut down on rental costs for LiU”, says Frida Ekman, head of the Facilities Management Office. “And when several operations that are currently housed in the Key Building (such as the International Affairs and Collaborations Division and the Properties Division) move to the D Building and Zenit, Byggstaket runt D-husets entréspace becomes available in Key that can be used to replace the teaching rooms in the G Building, if necessary. We’ll start looking at this possibility in the new year.”

“We hold regular planning meetings with the units that will move to Zenit and the D Building next autumn”, says Frida Ekman. “We are, for example, working to plan the interior design and AV technology.”

Earlier in the autumn Kårservice announced that the Trappan student union facility will leave its present location in Norrköping, and move to Kåkenhus. The idea is to find a location that makes the student union facility and the student unions more visible for students. And this is well in tune with LiU’s ambition to gather university operations around the campus bridge. You could say that the student union is following the others.

“We are now looking at Kåkenhus, at the entrance to Skvallertorget, where Kårservice already runs a café”, says Frida Ekman. “These are the areas immediately to the left when you come into the building, normally known as ‘Färgeriet’. We are planning that everything will be complete in June 2020.”

More information and architect’s impressions of Zenit are presented on the Campus LiU webpage

More information and architect’s impressions of the D Building (Stage 2) are presented on the Campus LiU webpage.


Translated by George Farrants



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