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Östgöta Kök to open in Studenthuset

Bild: Skylt Östgötakök på Garnisonsområdet

Östgöta Kök has been awarded the contract to operate the restaurant in the new Studenthuset. Just in time for the start of the autumn term, Fresh Market by Östgöta Kök will open its doors, offering a menu in which vegetarian food occupies pride of place.

Östgöta Kök has been active in Linköping for a year, in premises in Garnisonsområdet. Vegetarian food is a major component of its cuisine. Chefs Christian Klaar and Mats Petersson, who operate the restaurant, are strong supporters of vegetarian food.
“Vegetarian food is highly popular, and when we were asked about opening a restaurant at the university, we wanted to take it a step further”, says Christian Klaar.

The new restaurant will go by the name Fresh Market by Östgöta Kök. The basic idea is to serve a vegetarian lunch buffet, from which the customer chooses freely from the dishes on offer. The meal is then weighed and the weight determines the price. If desired, the customers can add chicken, salmon or another protein-rich food.
“We believe that this concept is well-suited to the customers at the university”, says Christian Klaar.
In most restaurants, the vegetarian alternatives are placed at the end of the menu. Protein foods are the starting point, and vegetarian elements are seen as something to add on the side. Fresh Market by Östgöta Kök wants to do exactly the opposite.

Bild: Skylt Östgötakök på Garnisonsområdet“The protein-rich food is usually the most expensive part”, says Christian Klaar. “We are offering a great meal, where you can add protein food if you want. Students often have a limited budget, and we want to meet their needs.”
“We’re also planning to offer ready-packed take-away lunches”, says Christian Klaar. “Everyone has their own rhythm of work, and it’s important to be flexible, to be able to buy your lunch in the morning and eat it when it suits you.”

Another part of the uniqueness of Fresh Market by Östgöta Kök is that it has its own bakery. Here, the process starts from basic raw ingredients, which is a cornerstone of Östgöta Kök’s philosophy.
“Nothing factory-made, no chemical additives. Starting with raw ingredients is one way to restore handicraft to the profession”, says Mats Petersson, who is not only a chef but also a qualified baker.
In addition to bread, the range will include lots of tasty pieces. And the restaurant plans to introduce vegan fika, when it has opened and found its feet.
“It’s not easy to get hold of the raw materials, but customer demand for vegan fika is increasing all the time.

”The restaurant will open at the start of the autumn term and will be open weekdays, and its standard opening hours will be 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. The price of a meal will be around SEK 75, but since each customer pays according to weight, the price will differ.

“Another important aspect for us is care for the environment. Studenthuset has been awarded an environmental award at Gold Level, and we also want to achieve the same standard”, says Christian Klaar. “We are passionate about such things as reducing food waste and not eating animal-derived foods every day. We found ourselves on the same wavelength as LiU immediately, thinking along the same lines.”
“In our industry it’s easy to take shortcuts, using factory-prepared food. But then you lose the handicraft”, says Mats Petersson.
Studenthuset has had high ambitions for sustainability from the start. The operations that will move into the building, including the restaurant, will continue to strive towards these high ambitions.

“It’s great that we will get a restaurant that follows the vision of Studenthuset: its eco-friendly profile is fully compatible with what we have been aiming at all the way”, says university architect Karolina Ganhammar.

Elisabet Wahrby 2019-06-05

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