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Reused furniture in the Student Building

When the Student Building opens its doors in the autumn of 2019, much of the furniture will be reused furniture, with a considerable part coming from Bomullsspinneriet. Interior designer Petra Bergman has let her imagination roam free.

Bild: Petra Bergman, inredningsarkitektThe reused furniture provided by Återbruket is in demand.
“We have been compelled to reserve items; we’ve claimed and labelled everything we can conceivably want. Otherwise, the furniture disappears too fast”, says Petra Bergman, interior designer from architects MER (photo).

Reuse has been a guiding principle for the Student Building right from the start – during the planning, during the dismantling of Origo, and now, during the construction of the new building.

“Looking after used items brings a feeling of warmth”, says Petra Bergman. “We plan to refurbish wood and metal frames, and renew the upholstery on 500 chairs from Bomullsspinneriet.” Extending the life of furniture serves a purpose. “It is possible in this way to maintain high sustainability objectives throughout the project, and reuse items whenever possible. This sends out a positive message.”

Much of the furniture can be used as it is, such as wooden benches with a classic design, chairs, stools and sofas. Desk frames that can be raised and lowered are given new life simply by replacing the desktop.

“Some of the pieces are designer pieces, chairs from famous names, or renowned classics with a timeless design”, says Petra Bergman. “And we’re not just thinking about reuse this time round, but also reuse in the future.”

Bild: Stol före renovering“Furniture that is ‘invisible’ today can gain new life in new surroundings”, says Petra Bergman. And there are many locations in the new building that require furniture, not least study places. “The general multipurpose rooms are rather minimalistic in themselves, but can be given a warm and welcoming feeling using coloured furniture. It is also possible to use a single colour for chairs in several different styles, which causes a striking effect.”

“But it’s difficult to get all the pieces in place”, says Petra Bergman. “You must have a plan: you can’t just set out old furniture without thinking. The limitations make it interesting: it’s a challenge. I have previously worked with reuse, but this building contains so many different functions.”

LiU moved out of Bomullsspinneriet, with its floor area of 8,000 square metres, during the summer. The same number of co-workers now occupy 2,000 square metres.

Bild: Renoverad stol“Naturally, a lot of the furniture was not needed”, says Micke Nilsson, head of Återbruket. He has worked with Petra Bergman during the summer, selecting furniture for the Student Building.

“A lot of it went straight to Täppan, Kopparhammaren 2 and Kåkenhus”, he tells us. “Two thirds came to Återbruket, and around 2,000 items will now be used in the Student Building. But you have to be quick, and reserve the pieces you want. People are rushing to Återbruket, which is really great. This is exactly what we want.”

Photos: Chair before and after renovation.


Elisabet Wahrby 2018-12-04

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