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We’re moving out of the Bomullsspinneriet Building

LiU will be moving out of Bomullsspinneriet in June and around a hundred co-workers will move to new workplaces in the Täppan and Kåkenhus Buildings. Renovation has already started, and the pieces of the complex rearrangement puzzle are falling into place.

Bild: Flytt från Bomullspinneriet pågår. Foto: Anneli CarlbringLiU has a long-term ambition to collect operations around the Strömmen river and the campus bridge. This is the reason that the university is leaving Bomullsspinneriet, and both students and co-workers are moving to other buildings on campus. The third stage of Kopparhammaren 2 is under conversion to student areas, and the co-workers will move to workplaces in Kåkenhus and Täppan.

This means that some divisions currently in Kåkenhus will move in order to make space available for those from Bomullsspinneriet.

The plan for the rearrangement is as follows:

  • The 14 co-workers of the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Educational Sciences (KFU) will move from Bomullsspinneriet to the fifth floor of Täppan, which is currently being refurbished.
  • The Division of Learning, Aesthetics, Natural Science (LEN) with some 60 co-workers will move from Bomullsspinneriet to the sixth floor of Täppan. This floor is being completely renovated with new paint and light fittings.
  • The administration office (14 people) of the Department of Social and Welfare Studies (ISV) will also move to the sixth floor of Täppan. This office is currently housed in Kåkenhus.
  • The 13 co-workers of the Division Ageing and Social Change (ASC) will move to new premises on the fifth floor of Building 5, Kåkenhus.
  • The premises in Kåkenhus vacated by ISV and ASC will become home for the Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society, whose approximately 30 co-workers will move in from Bomullsspinneriet.
  • University Services will acquire new workplaces for guests, to be built behind the student offices in Kåkenhus, on the third floor of Building 2.

Bild: Flytt från Bomullspinneriet pågår. Foto: Anneli CarlbringJoacim Björk, facilities planner in the Properties Division is responsible for the rearrangement.
“The schedule’s quite tight, but it’s great that the builders are getting on with it, and we can start to give definite information to the various operations. Work is progressing as planned, and we are confident that we can finish on time.”

The Bomullsspinneriet Building should be empty by the end of June. Certain areas have already been emptied, but people will not start moving until the middle of May. Joacim has both coordinators and a removal contractor to help him.

“We have many highly capable people involved in this, which makes my job a lot easier. And I’m finding that people are mostly positive. Of course, people are always a bit sentimental Bild: Flytt från Bomullspinneriet pågår. Foto: Anneli Carlbringwhen leaving somewhere that’s been ‘home’ for a long time, but they’re also curious about the future and experience the move as a new beginning.”

From cotton mill to university
To compensate for the loss of teaching areas in Bomullsspinneriet, the third and final part of Kopparhammaren 2 is being refurbished. See a slide show from the work.


Translation to English: George Farrants
Photos Bomullsspinneriet: Anneli Carlbring


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