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Origo to be fenced in

A fence will be erected around the Origo Building at the beginning of April in preparation for its dismantling and the construction of Studenthus Valla. After 20 March, it will no longer be possible to park behind the Origo Building.

Dismantling of Origo will start on 3 April. The area around the building will at that time be enclosed by fencing in preparation for the construction of Studenthus Valla (the Valla Student Building).

But the car park behind Origo will be closed earlier, 20 March, for preparatory work and the deployment of builders’ barracks.

After this date, it will no longer be possible to park here, and other car parks on the campus must be used. The car park will reopen when Studenthus Valla is ready for occupation in the summer of 2019.

Bild: Området runt Origo som kommer att stängslas in.In front of Origo, the fenced-in area extends to the flagpoles on The Corso. This means that the cycle parking in front of Origo will not be available. However, the D Building has now reopened, and this means that the cycle parking here can again be used.

The cycle path north of Origo, along the side of the “red barn” and through the apple orchard, will remain open, outside of the fenced-in area. The apple orchard itself will not be affected by the construction work. An area between the Origo Building and the Key Building will be kept free for transport to the Key Building.

The aerial photograph shows the area around Origo that will be fenced in (enlarge the photograph by clicking on it). Signs giving directions will be set up where necessary.

The car park at the Zenit Building will be brought back into use as the fence around the D Building is removed and staff move in during March.

Akademiska hus will review the outdoor surroundings of the D Building along Mäster Mattias väg as soon as the weather improves and it becomes possible to plant new vegetation.

Elisabet Wahrby 2017-02-15

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