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New kitchens and reading places

“Blå torget” in the B Building has been renovated with new kitchens and 50 new places to sit and read. The Fysikhuset Building has also been provided with more reading places. And now a complete renovation of the common areas in the C Building is under way.

Bild: Hanna Tegnered i ett av studentköken i C-huset som ska renoveras.The “Colosseum” in the C Building was given a thorough facelift last summer. Now attention is being turned to the rest of the building. Decorating work will begin any day now: new flooring in the corridors and new paint or wood panelling for the walls, in order to create a more lived-in feeling. All 58 doors of the various rooms will be exchanged for glass doors, to admit more light and create more transparency in the corridors. General lighting will be provided by more modern light fittings.

“But we’re starting with the student kitchens,” says Hanna Tegnered, facilities planner in the Facilities Management Office. “Starting on 29 August, we are building two new student kitchens, one of them where AV Service used to be. One of the two previous kitchens will be renovated and the other removed, to be replaced by an ‘express kitchen’ that has only got microwave ovens without anywhere to sit.”

Bild: Omklädd soffa med eluttag på Blå torget.The renovation will continue through the autumn and spring terms starting with the kitchens, followed by the common areas and corridors.
“We can’t close down the teaching, so we will have to proceed in phases and work around the activities in the building,” says Hanna Tegnered.
The final stage of the process will be an increase in the number of reading places, with more, newly purchased furniture.
“There will be different types of furniture for different uses,” explains Hanna Tegnered. “These include closed-in armchairs for those who want a bit of privacy, and places where groups of people can work together, with both high and low seating.” We have also planned more electrical sockets that can be used by people sitting down.

Blå torget in the B Building was an underused area. The summer has seen it completely renovated, and 50 new seating places have been created. There was no student kitchen here previously, and so a seminar room has been converted to a kitchen with 13 microwave ovens. The roof lanterns have been brought out of obscurity and now admit daylight, and the large textile-based lamps act also as sound absorbers.
Bild: Cindy Tran sitter på sin nya favoritplats i Fysikhuset.“We have recycled much of the old furniture. The tables have been planed down and resurfaced, and the sofas have been recovered and equipped with electrical sockets,” says Hanna Tegnered.

In the entrance of the Fysikhuset Building, Starbucks has plans to open a café-pod, which is a fancy term for a coffee machine that serves the full Starbucks range. A café-pod is also planned outside the library in the D Building.
The reading places have also been improved with new furniture in the Fysikhuset Building, and more have been created, both on the ground floor and the first floor.
In one of the new armchairs we find Cindy Tran, who is studying civil engineering.
“This is my favourite reading spot,” she says. “I get here early in the morning to be sure of getting one of these places.”


Blå torg used to look like this...


Elisabet Wahrby 2016-08-31

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