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The students take Building 448

The odour of new rubber carpeting in the newly inaugurated entry is striking. Behind the glass doors there is artwork, a life-size tiger, and a watchful eye over the visitors.

Outside, the bus stop is no longer called US Maskincentralen but has been given its old name back: US Norra entrén.
“The day after the inauguration it was an open house for the public,” senior faculty coordinator Iréne Rydberg tells us. “So many people came that the region decided to arrange an additional open house within a short time.”

Bild: Invigningen av Hus 448


The lecture hall, where Professor Anders Persson lectured about CMIV and the visualisation table for three hours without stopping, was standing room only. Outside, in the atrium under the glass roof, people packed in around the simulation dummy being demonstrated by Clinicum.
“This also drew attention to LiU’s operations in the building. It was wonderful that the interest was so great,” Ms Rydberg says.

On the ground floor is a café, a pharmacy, the reception desk and a branch of Pressbyrån. But one floor down is where LiU primarily has its operations, around the atrium, where the floor itself is a work of art in stone with inset lines of brass that ‘radiate’ out across the floor and through the walls. The ceiling is also a work of art of meandering brass pipes.
Bild: Studentarea i Hus 448


There are two lecture halls here, with 40 and 60 seats respectively; five group rooms; one auditorium for 130 people; and a case hall for 80–90 people. The design is very Nordic, with light woods and stone. The halls have been named for various kinds of rock; even the region’s ‘exhibition walls’ are reminiscent of rune stones in their design. The floors of the auditorium and case hall are what is called ‘industrial parquetry’ – small staves of bamboo laid by hand.
“It should be very durable, and I think it’s pretty,” Ms Rydberg says.

In the atrium, students are sitting and studying in the study spaces.
“The study spaces work well,” they say in response to Ms Rydberg’s question. And yes, it’s perfectly okay to take pictures of them, even the ones who have green surgical caps on their heads.Bild: Hörsalen i Hus 448

“It’s great to see that the students have started using the premises, and just as we’d intended,” says Ms Rydberg, showing me further on into the building.

“Building 443 is the other new building in the northern section of the hospital; the atrium separates them and ties them together at the same time. Eventually, you’ll be able to go all the way from the north entry to the south entry on the same floor.
Bild: Studenter i operationsmössor grupparbetar.Some of the health care divisions have already moved in, and some are on the way. The skin clinic, and the research that goes with it, will soon be moving in to 443, where CMIV is  already located. An entirely new clinical research unit belonging to Forum Östergötland is also on the way.

“There will be a lot of people moving through the north entry on a daily basis: students, patients, and their families. That puts demands on the students, but we believe it will work, ” Ms Rydberg says.


Elisabet Wahrby 2016-02-04

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