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Campus LiU project status report

The University Board will make a decision on the Campus LiU 2015 project in February. Preparation work is under way at full speed. A status report with a schedule for future work has been produced.


  • The TekNat library will move into the HumSam library in December 2014
  • Relocation proposal (University Services and University Management) ready by December 2014
  • Proposals for vacating the faculty offices and the activities in the first phase of the D Building, will be presented in November-December 2014 
  • A test space for open plan office solutions will be constructed in the D Building in March 2015
  • Renovation of the D Building phase 1 (classrooms on levels 2 and 3) will probably begin in November 2015 
  • Move into the D Building (University Services departments and units from Origo plus University Management) August 2016
  • Vacating faculty offices August 2016
  • Demolition of Origo Sep-Nov 2016
  • Construction of Origo II December 2016 - September 2018
  • Renovation of the D Building, phase 2 (“Tornet” levels 3 and 4 and some interim space for faculty offices) Oct 2018 - April 2019
  • Conversion of Zenit to a “collaboration building”. Not exactly fixed in schedule, ca 2018 - 2019.

The Campus LiU 2015 project will be discussed by the University Board at its February meeting – 16 February, to be precise. They will decide on:

  • construction of a new student building on Campus Valla (“Origo II”)
  • renovation of the D Building for University Services, University Management and the faculty offices. Read more in the decision documents: Functions in the new student building in Valla (03-03-2014) and planning conditions for allocation of work places in the D Building (02-06-2014).
  • renovation of Zenit to a “collaboration building”.

Time is short before the decision will be made so it is very important to observe and respect the following:

  • layout for calculations will be locked on 6 November (this does not mean there will not be an opportunity to influence the layout at a later stage, but in order for Akademiska Hus to be able to make a calculation, the layouts have to be fixed at this stage)
  • Contact persons will need to filter questions related to the project in their areas and communicate the idea that every question has its time. Issues of detail will not be dealt with at this time. Moving and changing office environments is still far off and the project group for Campus LiU 2015 (CL 15) now have the information they need to be able to move the project forward enough so that decisions can be made in February. If further information is required, the project group will get in touch with the designated contact person.

In cases where furniture needs to be purchased then it is desirable that from this point this is done for the future. Interior Architect Anna Linnarson has produced a concept for basic furnishings for future office spaces; this will be posted on the website. 

The restaurant will remain in Zenit.
In “Origo II” there will be a student café, a “Baljan 2” and a new café/restaurant for lighter lunches. Dishwashing facilities will be included so that disposable articles can be avoided.

Premises Efficiency Work (LEA)

LEA is under way in parallel with CL 15 and the inventories of premises owned by departments is complete. Now analysis awaits of how we may solve the restructuring when replacing the teaching rooms in the D Building, which will comprise the first stage of the renovation of the D Building.

A review of internal rents has started, where a specific work group in LEA is looking at how a differentiated internal rent system can be implemented and what impact this may have at the department level.

Agneta Hägg Knape, project manager


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Elisabet Wahrby 2014-10-17

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2014‑10‑27 10:45
Det här stycket är så väldigt dåligt formulerat att jag undrar vad som menas?
"Kontaktpersonerna kommer att behöva filtrera frågor i sin verksamhet kring projektet och kommunicera att varje fråga har sin tid. Detaljfrågor behandlas inte just nu. Flytt och förändring av kontorsmiljöer ligger så långt fram och projektgruppen för C L 15 har just nu har den information de behöver för att kunna driva projektet framåt så att beslut kan fattas i februari. Behövs kompletterande information hör projektgruppen av sig till utsedda kontaktpersoner."

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