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Kopparhammaren opening ceremony

After a year of intensive construction, the vice-chancellor could finally cut the blue-and-yellow ribbon and declare Kopparhammaren 2, the university’s first environmental building on Campus Norrköping, open.

Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun took the golden scissors and opened the first environmental building with the first cut There was a big turnout on Norra Grytsgatan in front of Kopparhammaren 2, the university’s newest environmental building. Students, staff, councillors, construction workers and power companies, to name a few, had gathered to see the opening ceremony.

Kopparhammaren 2 is – or was – the oldest industrial building in town, built in 1849, explained Mikael Forkner, regional head of the Klövern property management company in his speech at the opening. But at about the same time as he began at Klövern, one of the buildings burned to the ground. It was quite a pity, but it opened the door to many opportunities too.

One such opportunity was when University Architect Karolina Ganhammar got in touch. After signing the contract, the planning and the public procurement, a proud regional head was now able to hand over the opening gift – the three-shafted spade with which the first ground was broken in August 2013.

Certainly just as proud was Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun, who took the golden scissors and with the first cut opened the first environmental building on what must surely be the most beautiful university campus in the world.

The new building gives the university the chance to centre the campus area around the new campus bridge, and create the lively atmosphere the vice-chancellor is so keen to see. On the south side of the river Strömmen, there are further opportunities for LiU to develop and expand.

MinglingSustainability is also something the vice-chancellor is striving for, in both education and research. Now Campus Norrköping has a sustainable building too, graded as a Silver Class Environmental Building for the renovated part and Gold Class for the newly built part. This is also where the programme in Environmental Sciences will be run.

Others who will populate the new premises include the Department of Thematic Studies, the Department of Science and Technology and the Department of Social and Welfare Studies. The Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research is building Norrköping’s Decision Arena, the first of its kind in Europe. In Kopparhammaren 2 we also find the newly-established Institute for Analytical Sociology, which will conduct leading edge research in contemporary social issues.


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