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Done and dusted

The newly renovated Faculty of Health Sciences Library (HUB) was opened to the sound of scissors cutting ribbon and celebratory song. A renovation that came about thanks to the students themselves.

Vice-Chancellor Helen DannetunLibraries are usually quiet, low-key places. But when the newly renovated HUB was opened, it was a far from low-key affair. Over one hundred people, including a film team, had gathered to witness this long-awaited opening ceremony. And when Oralspexet from the physiotherapy student society belted out their anthem to HUB, with the guests clapping along, it was not exactly quiet.

HUB is a popular, much-visited place. But it used to be a bit dated – a throwback to the ’80s, as Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun put it in her opening speech. The students seemed to agree, as it was they who pushed for it to get a facelift. 

At the same time the students were a bit anxious that their beloved library would be ruined by the renovation, as Consensus board member David Olander explained in his speech. But their worries are gone, and now the students are happy. And grateful for the speed of the renovation and for the speed of the university’s response.

Oralspexet performingEqually grateful was Eva Sofia Svensson, director of HUB. Above all to the students who had been so patient during the renovation period. During the most intense exam period last spring the staff packed the books into crates and dismantled the bookshelves. But no one complained; everyone was very positive.


At HUB a “zonal approach” has been implemented, with flexible group work areas and computer stations around the entrance to the building. Followed by diminishing noise levels, intended more for self-study, the further into the building you go.Two editing rooms can now be reached from the outside, so that they may be used even when the library is closed. There are pleasant reading areas with armchairs near the windows, and instead of four group rooms there are flexible spaces with screens that can be moved. New furniture has been installed, though the bookshelves are the old ones repainted. And a textile carpet covering the entire floor creates a quiet, tranquil library ambience throughout the building. 


Elisabet Wahrby 2014-10-08

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