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D Building locations being planned

D Building locations being planned

LFE is now starting its extensive work on sketching out, on paper, all the departments and functions that will be located in D Building. The work is being conducted in collaboration with the relevant contact persons and the architect.

For some time, there has been a decision (in Swedish) that University Services employees would sit in an open plan, and the faculty office employees in their own, or shared, offices. The starting point was to retain the existing structure of D Building.

The departments that will be located in D Building, apart from the faculty offices, are:

  • the Finance Division
  • the Human Resources Division
  • the Properties Division
  • University Services Office
  • University Services Management
  • the Legal Division
  • the Communications and Marketing Division
  • LiU IT (IT Division)

The next phase in the planning of D Building has now begun: placing the departments and functions according to the requirements the departments previously submitted to LFE, in continuous dialogue with the relevant contact persons and Sonark Architects.

The work on placing all the employees in D Building will take place in autumn 2014.

Under ‘Contacts” there is a list of the designated contact persons.
The contact persons will function as a link and information carrier between Campus LiU 2015 and their respective departments.  

Elisabet Wahrby 2014-08-27

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