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Status report on Campus LiU 2015

Planning for a new Origo Building, a combined university library and new office environments in D Building is at full speed. Project Manager Agneta Hägg Knape has prepared a status report.

D Building. In January the project managers at the Department of Facilities Management (LFE) met with contact people from each department within University Services and the Faculty Offices and the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, who are also affected due to their current continued location in D Building. Information about what work and functions are currently carried out by each department has been submitted, and a needs inventory for each department/faculty office has been compiled.

Akademiska Hus has engaged Sonark Architects to work on the design of the new office spaces in D Building. Sonark has started the work by conducting studies of how the different spaces can be designed and connected in a logical way. The point of departure has been making use of as much of the existing structure of D Building as possible so that the solution will be as cost-effective as possible.

The studies show that about 65% of office spaces in D Building will consist of open-plan office solutions (units of 10-15 workstations with accompanying resource space) and about 35% of individual offices and shared offices for 2 to 4 people. A draft plan of the placement of the departments and faculty offices has been produced, but this still needs some further work before information about the placement proposals is released.

The analysis of D Building was the first link in the chain, and it is important as it will give the project an indication of how many work places D Building can house. The detailed planning of the office spaces will take place further down the line, starting up in earnest in late 2016. This work will take place in close dialogue with staff at University Services and Faculty Offices. Plenty of time will be dedicated to the ground work for the project and collaboration. The renovation of D Building cannot begin until the library leaves its premises and moves into Origo 2, which is estimated to be ready in December 2017. The adaptation of D Building premises is expected to be finished in January 2019.

This schedule is subject to the University Board making decisions about starting construction on the new student building and giving the go-ahead for the renovation of D Building at its meeting in December this year.

The period when departments currently located in Origo Building need to vacate their premises will run from September 2015 to January 2019. The Department of Facilities Management is continuously working to create as good working conditions as possible during the period when premises are being vacated.

During February there was very good attendance at our information meetings, with Q & A about the Campus LiU 2015 project. More information meetings with different themes are planned for the spring. The dates for these are: 6 May, 15:30–17:00; 13 May, 15:30–17:00; and 27 May, 15:30–17:00. More information will be released shortly about contents and venues under Future LiU on the LiU website.

“Origo 2”. The decision regarding what functions will be situated in the new student building, (current working name “Origo2”), was made in the beginning of March. The plans for Origo 2 are that it will be a building where all the student services will be located.

This means that the following functions will be situated in the new building:

  • A combined university library
  • Didacticum (currently Centre for Teaching and Learning ) including the ICT-studio
  • Language laboratories
  • Student health care
  • Certain study guidance including support for disabled students
  • Academic Administration
  • Admissions
  • Academic Degrees
  • International Issues
  • IT Helpdesk
  • LiU Reception
  • Certain other functions that fall outside LiU’s organisational structure (e.g. student accommodation)

The Department of Facilities Management is now prioritising surveys in collaboration with the various functions that will be located in Origo 2. The surveys will result in a premises programme. The premises programme will describe the needs and use of the premises, rough size of the areas, special design requirements, fixtures, fittings and equipment that will have an impact on the design of the building. The premises programme will form the basis of the architect’s preliminary drawings for the new building.

In the beginning of April, Akademiska Hus will announce which architects office will work on Origo 2 and the Department of Facilities Management plans to begin working with the designated architects in the middle of April.

Together with Akademiska Hus, LiU has produced a vision for the new student building “Nytt studenthus på Campus Valla - vår gemensamma vision 2014-02-19” (New student building on Campus Valla - our common vision 19-02-2014). The vision statement can be found with other topical information about the Campus LiU project under Future LiU.

Department of Facilities Management staff working on the Campus LiU project are:

  • Frida Ekman, Project Manager/Premises Planner, D Building
  • Elin Johansson, Project Manager/Premises Planner, Origo 2
  • Marina Geijer, Project Manager, Origo 2
  • Marcus Kindbom, Project Manager/Premises Planner, Zenit and vacation of premises
  • Tobias Lindberg, Premises Planner, vacation of premises
  • Elisabeth Wahrby, Communications Officer
  • Agneta Hägg Knape, Chief Project Manager, Campus LiU 2015
  • Karolina Ganhammar, University Architect / Programme Head for Campus LiU 2015


Text: Agneta Hägg Knape


Elisabet Wahrby 2014-03-20

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