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Contact persons appointed

Each division within University Services (UF) and each faculty office has now appointed a representative who will function as a liaison between their divison and Campus LiU 2015.

The Campus LiU 2015 project has so far brought together all the contact people on one occasion. During the life of the project, the intention is to have regular meetings. The contact people are important in their role of conveying information to their division or faculty office. The whole process will be made easier if all the participants feel properly informed and regularly updated. The contact people will be more involved in the project the more concrete it becomes.

“We are currently collecting descriptions of their operations from each division and faculty office in order to carry out a needs inventory,” says project leader Agneta Hägg Knape. “It could, for example, deal with such things as one division needing a fire-safe archive or something similar.”

Each division must also submit a desired layout for its new premises. The project team will try to take into account these wishes as far as is practically possible.

The contact persons are:

  • Faculty of Educational Sciences: Samuel Zethson
  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences: Staffan Wahlström
  • Faculty of Health Sciences: Anette Philipsson
  • HR Department: Randi Hellgren
  • Library: Anna Bladh
  • University Services Office: Bettina Carlsson
  • Student Services: Robert Ericsson
  • LiU Service: Anna-Lena Karlsson
  • Legal department: Katrine Runesson
  • Communications and marketing: Mariethe Larsson
  • IT Department: Joakim Nejdeby
  • Institute of Technology faculty office: Annalena Kindgren
  • International Office: Karin Gibson
  • Facilities Management: Karolina Ganhammar
  • Department of Finance and Research Funding: Johan Åkerman
  • Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning: Gisela Eckert


Elisabet Wahrby 2014-02-25

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