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Kåkenhus being transformed

Renovations have been taking place in Kåkenhus over the summer. The Department of Facilities Management has been visiting the building at regular intervals to follow the work.

Anders Englund and Anna Linnarson from the Department of Facilities ManagementThis spring, Kåkenhus began to be rebuilt. The aim is to make the building livelier by making better use of the large spaces, making them more compact. At the entrance from the square, Skvallertorget, work is full speed ahead on a café, Café Prego, which will be run by Högskolerestauranger AB, HÖRS, using their café concept.

There will be more study stations by the entrance, where the Communications and Marketing Division was previously based. Instead they have moved into new premises with eight open-plan work areas on the fourth floor, where the shop used to be.
“The Café is due to open in the beginning of October,” says Anders Englund of the Department of Facilities Management.

Student kitchen during constructionThe café will sell sandwiches and light meals such as salads. The restaurant on the second floor will not reopen after the summer. The serving areas have been replaced by microwave ovens and sinks, turning the serving area and seating areas into a large student kitchen (pictured at left). The restaurant kitchen will function as a preparation kitchen for the café and the catering for the university.

New entrance by the campus bridgeThe changes around the entrance from Skvallertorget are an important part of the plans to open up Kåkenhus and obtain a natural flow through the entrance into the building. But a whole new entrance is being built by the campus bridge that connects Kåkenhus to Kopparhammaren on the other side of the river (pictured at right).

Another major renovation is the open-plan office environments built on the third and fourth floors, where about 80 people from the Department of Science and Technology and the research company Acreo will be located together. As a consequence of the renovation, the library will have a new entrance leading directly from the large windbreak at the entrance from Bredgatan. The large roof terrace on the third floor will in future be reached through the library.

“These renovations are somewhat delayed, but the plan is for everything to be ready by the end of October,” Englund says, hopefully.



Elisabet Wahrby 2013-08-22

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