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New flagship building on Campus Valla?

At its last meeting, the board of LiU made the strategic decision to continue planning the construction and rebuilding work at LiU. 

Campus Valla. Photo: LiUThis decision means that the University Board has approved the continuation of the planning of a new building on the current site of the Origo-building. It will serve as a meeting place, mainly for students, and will include a modern, cohesively designed library on Campus Valla. The plan includes a generous number of study areas, the university’s support and service functions for students, a café and a restaurant. The building will be a converging point for students and a flagship building for Campus Valla.

If the library moves from its current location, the space that is freed up in the existing premises in D-building will enable the university’s administrative and faculty offices – which are currently spread over seven different locations on Campus Valla – to be brought together under one roof.

If the project for shared premises in D-building goes ahead, space will also be freed up in Zenit, which in turn will allow part of the university’s organisation that is responsible for interacting with the community to be brought under one roof.

The University Board has also tasked the Vice-Chancellor, or an appointee, to obtain proposals from Akademiska Hus for a project construction agreement including architectural plans and a cost analysis. The decision whether to conclude a project construction agreement for Campus LiU 2015 will be discussed by the university board meeting in November 2013. A project construction agreement means that the property owner, Akademiska Hus, can hire consultants to plan the proposed construction and renovation projects.

Elisabet Wahrby 2013-06-18

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