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Taking stock of needs and operations

Matilda Henebäck, project manager LFAThe compilation of the survey conducted by the Department of Facilities Management (LFA) in the autumn of 2012 is now complete. The results provide a first glimpse of how to proceed with the planning of new offices for the University Services (UF) and the faculty offices.

The survey was sent out during autumn 2012 to 24 departments, of which 22 responded, and to the four faculties, all of which responded. And the responses provide an indication of how the departments work and what needs they have.

“A simple example: people working with students need space to meet the students in,” says Matilda Henebäck, project manager at LFA.

Many departments also have similar needs, but for different reasons. For example, several departments indicate they have need of different types of archives and storage.

“You can also see the demands are quite ‘sprawling’,” Henebäck says. “There are needs for everything from a car wash to waiting rooms. But the demands are relevant and not at all unreasonable, and it’s a sign that we are in fact working with really different things.”

Sketch over communication channelsOne question on the survey dealt with collaboration with other departments. LFA tried to draw up an image of the collaboration pattern – one that is not entirely easy to interpret.

“The conclusion is that we have a lot of collaboration across department and faculty boundaries. There really is no clear pattern of collaboration,” Henebäck says. “Everyone collaborates with everyone else.”

The survey compilation, as noted, provides a glimpse of how people work and what needs and demands they have in their jobs.

“This is a stock-taking of needs. It can be used in our continued work, to begin with. Then it can naturally be supplemented with more in-depth questions that go into each department in more specific detail. This is just the first step on the way,” Henebäck says.


Report on the survey of the University Services departments and Faculty Offices (PDF)

Elisabet Wahrby 2013-06-12

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