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Students test open-plan office

Mika Lindahl’s and Cristobal Ubilla’s verdict after trying out the Department of Facilities Management’s open-plan office in the Key building is unequivocal: “So peaceful and quiet!”.

Mika Lindahl and Cristobal Ubilla Last autumn, the Department of Facilities Management (LFA) moved into new premises in Key building – an open-plan office with ten study stations. There is also space for those who wish to find out what it is like working in an open-plan office solution. A pair of students, Mika Lindahl and Cristobal Ubilla, jumped at the chance.

“It was a good opportunity to find out if it was as bad as many people make out,” says Cristobal.

“It is so quiet and peaceful in here!” says Mika, “compared with the LinTek office in Kårallen, for instance, which three of us are sharing and people are coming and going all the time.”

Mika is reading Engineering Physics but has worked at LinTek during the past year. She has been a study environment representative and a member of the Creative, Supportive Work Environments sub-project team in the Campus LiU 2015 project.

Cristobal is reading Commercial Law and has worked for StuFF during the year, and is a student representative in various groups within LiU.

On this particular Wednesday afternoon, the pair have been working in LFA’s office on a test basis, preparing for the next sitting later in the week, answering e-mails and writing handover documents for their successors at the student union.

“I like the fact that it’s big and there’s lots of space,” says Cristobal. “Larger rooms tend to be more peaceful. And I like having people around me.”

“The furniture and interiors play a big part in damping noise,” says Mika. “and I love the new furniture.”

Both Mika and Cristobal are used to studying together with others at the various reading places around the university. They like having their friends around them, people to ask when they get stuck. Rarely do they sit at home studying on their own.

“It’s largely a question of what you are used to preferring. And of course it also depends on what kind of work you are doing.”

Both claim to enjoy a high level of mobility – all they need to get by is their computers:
“Everything we need is in our computers, all our documents and calendars.

“It is a good idea for LiU to upgrade its premises,” continues Mika. “No one will want to work in small offices. If I had to choose between two similar jobs, one of the deciding factors would be the office environment. There’s a good reason why people are queuing up to work for companies like Google.”

“Those of us working at the student union act as recruitment personnel for LiU. I think more people would want to work here if the premises were more modern,” says Cristobal.


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Last updated: 2013-06-20