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New student kitchen in Täppan

Nicklas Adamsson, lfa, i nya studentköket

As soon as the furniture and other fittings are in place a new student kitchen will open in Täppan on Campus Norrköping. This will also be the first student kitchen in Täppan.

Students in Täppan have so far had to take their food to the student kitchens in Kåkenhus. But soon a completely new kitchen opens on level 5 of Täppan, very close to the student cafeteria.

“The student body has for a long time pointed to the need for student kitchens in Täppan. When every one has to go to Kåkenhus there are long queues in the student kitchens there,” says Nicklas Adamsson, premises planner at the Department of Facilities Management. The new kitchen has 15 microwave ovens, fridges, and separation at source waste disposal. The kitchen is also adapted for handicapped users, for example with some low level ovens and sinks. The kitchen will be spaciously furnished with the possibility of also taking the food to eat outside the kitchen.

“We hope every thing will be ready soon so we can open the kitchen,” Adamsson says.

Elisabet Wahrby 2013-03-25

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